Wayne Shearon


1940 LaFrance

Over 3,000 work hours went into taking this big girl from discarded barn rust to the functional and beautiful ladder truck she became once again. She is on display at the Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum in Oklahoma City.

American LaFrance

Priority One Crash/Rescue Vehicle Maintenance

From 2001-2008 volunteer fire departments in Northwest Oklahoma benefitted from a highly trained, experienced, and dedicated crash/rescue mechanic taking care of the pumpers and other emergency vehicles which need to respond immediately when families and neighborhoods are in danger.

This work was done during evenings and weekends, on top of a regular 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. day job. The kids were growing up quickly, however, and Wayne put the Priority One business on hiatus to spend more time with them before they left for college.

While P1 was active, Wayne managed and/or performed fire truck maintenance for 12 city departments in four counties and more than 125 trucks.

Soccer Goals

The public school system didn't have money but the kids really needed some soccer goals. In 2010 the kids got brand new custom made goals that lock down tight for safety when not in use. That is the big '87 Suburban being dwarfed by them.

Soccer Goals



Most of the airbrushed images you will see from Wayne are smaller than a piece of regular 8.5 x 11 paper. He uses a special airbrush and jeweller's loupes to be able to do all of that tiny detail work.

airbrush sampler

Vehicle Modification, Customization

This could take up an entire website all by itself. Changing height, length, style, adding some here, removing some there, custom fenders, bumpers, doors, roll cages, or even a whole buggy...

buggy at the shop

Metal Art

in the realms of both beauty and function, he has also created custom copper candle holders, different styles of intricate holiday ornaments, a bat, garden faery, dolphin, rose, and other flowers.

Furniture includes matching custom living room couch and chair fitted to the owners' tall size, and a canopied four-poster bed you could park a Jeep on, with wired-in, electric candlestick-style copper lighting fixtures.

Bridge Shark East with Wayne painting

Bridge Shark East with Wayne painting, see bridgeshark.com for more

Cancer the Crab

The astrology sign of Cancer the Crab is all about home and family, and of course the extended family of the community.

Immediate Family

The immediate family recently added a member via wedding; congratulations Steph and Greg!


Coach and Referee

Wayne started coaching soccer when he was thirteen years old. Managing groups of younger children was not new to him since he always seemed to be the old soul taking care of younger cousins at play. Growing up playing soccer, coaching was an extension of his natural abilities.

At age fourteen he also became a soccer referee, responsible for keeping order even during college games where players, families, and fans could become ornery and even violent. Referees as a rule are supposed to lose the uniform and change into normal clothes the instant the game is over, but several had personal rules to keep the car running and ready for escape.

Extended Family

Extended family members live throughout Northwest and Central Oklahoma and Southern Kansas. Here's a bunch of the gang at Easter:

Shearon family at Easter gathering

Vance Air Force Base, Motor Pool

Wayne started working on Base in the Hobby Shop in 1989, helping service people fix and rebuild their cars. He moved over to Motor Pool in 1990.


Special purpose, general purpose, refueling, and fire truck mechanic

Crash/Rescue Vehicles: In eleven years, Wayne kept an in-commission rate over ninety percent every month except one, by himself. He went to Texas and earned six college credit hours of specialized training with Air University's Community College of the Air Force.

He also volunteered for on the job training with the REMS monitor and the work order specialist, and trained with the supply clerks in the ordering of supply and local purchase parts with the Air Force systems in order to increase efficiency.

Body Shop/Paint Shop

In 2002, Wayne moved over to the body and paint shop, where he and one other person took care of the entire fleet for Vance. In 2010 the other man retired, and Wayne took care of all of it by himself.

In fact, he had been doing such a great job that in January of 2012 he was pulled out of his one-man shop for a couple weeks to go help another base, with four body and paint guys, which had fallen way behind. They got caught up and passed their inspection.

During his time working in the body and paint shop, he also joined the Safety Committee and became a union representative.


In 2013 Wayne took on the position of Inspector, which has the duties of Quality Control over Motor Pool.


Blood Donor

Wayne has been donating blood since 1990. He has a pin for donating three gallons.

His blood is of particular value because it is type O negative, which can be used to give blood to anybody. There aren't many people who have this type; most resources say only around seven percent.

It is especially important for babies in emergencies.

Helper Outer

You know what it's like to finally find somebody who does something well -- you want him to be the one to take care of what you need. As a mechanic, welder, fabricator, body man, painter, artist, visionary leader, and lifter of big heavy things, Wayne is constantly in demand. He does his best to help out everybody he can.

He is also too modest to say any of these things, but after fifteen years of badgering he finally relented to this web hub being made with information about him for all to see. Let him know if you liked it.

Taking Care of Business

From his wife: "In a location which shall remain nameless, there was a huge truck carrying fuel driving down the road and it had caught on fire. Wayne ran toward the truck, and got the situation under control quickly.

"I don't know about you but I'm thinking I would have run the other direction, but then I'm not as handy as he is. This is a man you want to have taking care of business."

Wayne at the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK, December 2008

Wayne and JC at the Jeep Jamboree in Disney, OK, March 2009

Wayne at Kaw Lake, August 2008

Wayne in Hot Springs, Arkansas, May 2009

Wayne working on a back yard project, May 2009

Wayne October 2008